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TGI only includes those funds that meet the following criteria:


1.       A fund entity must be established, managed accounts are not included.

2.       As of the date of inclusion in the index the fund is managing at least NIS 10 million.

3.       The fund must be an Israeli Fund (defined below).


An Israeli Fund includes any fund that meets at least one of the criteria below:


1.       The fund is domiciled in Israel.

2.       The fund has obtained an Israeli tax ruling classifying it as managed in Israel.

3.       The General Partner and or Portfolio Management team is based in Israel.

4.       At least 75% of its AUM is invested in Israeli assets.


Calculation of TGI is conducted by taking an equally-weighted average of all funds that meet the above criteria at the time of calculation. Following the launch of the index in September 2014, any fund added to the index is added as of the month in which it joined the index regardless of a prior launch date of the fund. In the event that a manager manages more than one fund, TGI will include each fund that has a distinct strategy from the other funds. To the extent that more than one fund operate in accordance with the same strategy (parallel funds), only one of the parallel funds will be included in the Index.

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