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About Tzur Gilboa Index

The Tzur Gilboa Index (“TGI”) is the only standard for performance measurement across the Israeli hedge fund industry. TGI monitors the performance of Israeli hedge funds as reported by their managers. Tzur Gilboa utilizes a proprietary methodology based on defined and predetermined rules and objective criteria to select and rebalance components within the index to maximize representation of the Israeli hedge fund universe. All indices are equal-weighted for all participating funds that compose a specific index. 


TGI is sponsored by Tzur Management and Gilboa Fund of Funds. To learn more about the Tzur Gilboa Index or to request index data, please contact us

Tzur Management

Tzur Management is the first full service fund administrator to open offices in Israel, and is dedicated to serving hedge funds, fund of funds, private equity funds and other alternative investment vehicles.


Tzur partners with its clients to enable them to grow their businesses and achieve their goals.  Tzur provides a wide spectrum of services including NAV calculations, traditional portfolio accounting, tax and operational consulting, accurate and timely reporting, and investor services.  The Tzur team is comprised of highly skilled professionals with fund and product experience utilizing cutting edge, end-to-end technology to fulfill each client’s needs.



Gilboa Fund of Funds


Gilboa Fund of Funds is the first fund of funds dedicated to Israeli hedge funds. Gilboa is focused on delivering superior returns to its investors through diversified, efficient, and transparent access to the top Israeli hedge funds.



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